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Nick Carter has been a professional drummer for over 20 years, during which time he has played numerous shows with a wide range of artists in venues around the globe.

After studying at Leeds College of Music, Nick’s impressive C.V. includes playing with artists as diverse as… Jimmy Osmond, The Osmond Brothers (Jimmy, Jay and Merrill), Swans In Flight, Charlie Green, TM Stevens, Craig Milverton, Emily Penny, Marco Mendoza, Doug Wimbish, Derek Nash, Martin Dale, Bruce Adams, Alan Barnes, Lee Gibson, Jeff Berlin + Many More…

 Thanks to his dedication and knowledge of all things drum-related, Nick is also an experienced music journalist, having previously held the title of editor of Drummer magazine (2012-2014), where he conducted interviews with the biggest names in drumming as well as reviewed the freshest new gear available on the market and devised features aimed squarely at inspiring and educating the next generation of players. He is currently product demonstrator and online editor for new international website Drummer’s Review (, where the freshest new gear available on the drumming market is reviewed in an unbiased, honest way.


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E-Book: The Power Of Paradiddles

When it comes to drumming, there aren’t too many exercises/patterns that not only sound great played as funky grooves but also improve your hand technique massively and offer a wide range of playing possibilities, but the humble paradiddle ticks all of those boxes…and many more! Whether played on a single surface – snare drum, practice pad etc. or whole kit, paradiddles give you a huge arsenal of sounds and ideas that can, with practice, help your playing to sound fresh, funky and exciting!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


* 58 Page e-Book

* Sticking patterns showcasing paradiddles and inversions

* Accent patterns to enhance your technique

* Funky bass drum patterns to deepen your groove

* Flam concepts to increase your vocabulary

+ Much more…

Price: £5.00

E-Book: From Practice To Performance

From Practice To Performance Book 1 covers a wide range of subjects to help you get started on your drumming journey. With sections looking at everything from setting up your kit to patterns and fills in a host of different styles, the book has been written, developed and tested with input from a wide range of students to ensure it delivers everything you need to kickstart your drumming adventure.

Level: Beginner


* 142 Page e-Book

* Patterns and fills covering rock, pop, blues, funk and Latin

* Step-by-step full colour picture guide to setting up your kit

* Easy to follow introduction to reading music

* Over 1000 accompanying ‘Play As You Hear’ MP3 tracks***

* Rudiments and reading exercises in different styles

* Free printable practice record

+ Much more…

PRICE: £12.00

***.zip File Containing MP3 audio only downloadable for MAC/PC (Not Mobile/Tablet etc.)


Coming Soon!!!


Nick Proudly Plays…

Drums: Mapex

Armory Series:

22″x18″ bass drum

10″x7″ tom

12″x8″ tom

14″x12″ floor tom

16″x14″ floor tom

14″x5.5″ Dillinger maple snare


12″x5.5″ Black Panther maple snare

Falcon hardware & pedals

Cymbals: Paiste

Signature Precision series:

20″ ride

14″ Sound Edge hi-hats

16″ crash

17″ crash

18″ crash

8″ splash

10″ splash

12″ splash

18″ china

Heads: Evans

Bass Drum:

Batter: EMAD Heavyweight

Reso: EMAD Reso


Batter: EC2 clear

Reso: G1 clear


Batter: Heavyweight

Reso: 300 snare side