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From Practice To Performance Book 1 covers a wide range of subjects to help you get started on your drumming journey. With sections looking at everything from setting up your kit to patterns and fills in a host of different styles, the book has been written, developed and tested with input from a wide range of students to ensure it delivers everything you need to kickstart your drumming adventure… More Details…

Level: Beginner

Price: £12.00

When it comes to drumming, there aren’t too many exercises/patterns that not only sound great played as funky grooves but also improve your hand technique massively, but the humble paradiddle ticks all of those boxes…and many more! Whether played on a single surface – snare drum, practice pad etc. or whole kit, paradiddles give you a huge arsenal of sounds and ideas that help your playing to sound fresh, funky and exciting… More Details…

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Price: £5.00