Whether it’s live or in the studio, Nick only uses the best quality, most reliable equipment to ensure a seamless performance. For live work, Nick tailors his set-up to suit any size stage/venue. From a scaled down 4-piece (or even less!) for the most intimate of gigs to the full 7-piece kit to fill the biggest of risers, Nick can confidently cover any and all situations. He is also equipped with a full compliment of high-grade microphones (including necessary cables/stands/mounts etc.) as well as IEM’s and monitor mixer. 

Nick Proudly Plays…

Drums: Mapex

Armory Series:

22″x18″ bass drum

10″x7″ tom

12″x8″ tom

14″x12″ floor tom

16″x14″ floor tom

14″x5.5″ Dillinger maple snare


12″x5.5″ Black Panther maple snare

Falcon hardware & pedals

Cymbals: Paiste

Signature Precision series:

20″ ride

14″ Sound Edge hi-hats

16″ crash

17″ crash

18″ crash

8″ splash

10″ splash

12″ splash

18″ china

Heads: Evans

Bass Drum:

Batter: EMAD Heavyweight

Reso: EMAD Reso


Batter: EC2 clear

Reso: G1 clear


Batter: Heavyweight

Reso: 300 snare side

Drum Mics: Mixture

Bass Drum:

Audix D6


Shure SM57

Rack Toms:

Audix D2

Floor Toms:

Audix D4


Shure Beta 57


Rode NT5S 


Shure 425 IEM’s

Behring Xenyx QX1002USB Monitor Mixer 

Full compliment of cables, stands etc.