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Below is a selection of tuition articles and series that Nick has published throughout the years in various drum magazines, including UK-based (and unfortunately now discontinued) Drummer Magazine, where he was not only a tuition contributor for several years, but also editor for over twenty five issues.

Fill Creation: Five-Part Series

Level: Beginner

First published in Drummer Magazine back in 2012, Fill Creation is a five-part series aimed at helping beginner drummers to create better sounding fills to integrate into their playing. Focussing on two key elements: What to play and Where to play, Fill Creation combines easy to follow visuals as well as traditional notation, along with full explanations, to help drummers just starting out on their playing journey to establish a strong foundation when it comes to adding fills into their performance. 

Slick Sixes: Five-Part Series

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Slick Sixes, first published in Drummer Magazine in 2014, takes a look at a host of ideas aimed at introducing groups of sixes into your playing. Featuring a progressive approach, Slick Sixes includes a range of groove and fill examples using a variety of common sticking patterns including paradiddle-diddles and double paradiddles, with clear explanations every step of the way.

Useful Rudiments: 14-Part Series

Level: Beginner

Useful Rudiments is a thorough 14-part series that introduces students to the ways in which simple rudiments can be used to further their playing. All too often rudiments are taught and studied but not applied in a musical and tasteful way, and Useful Rudiments aims to change this by giving a range of practical examples of how these simple sticking patterns can be used to great effect. First published in Drummer Magazine in 2013.