About Nick...

Nick Carter has been a professional drummer for over 20 years, during which time he has played numerous shows with a wide range of artists in venues around the globe.  

Nick attended Leeds College of Music, where he studied the art of drumming with world-renowned tutors such as Ronnie Bottomley, Tony Faulkner, Tony Mann and Dave Hassell, as well as gaining a deep understanding of music theory, composition, arranging, recording techniques and much more.   

As a seasoned, professional player, Nick is at-home on stages of any size and is a very competent sight reader having worked on large-scale production shows and countless dep gigs. He is similarly well versed in working with click tracks and is equipped with his own IEM system and full compliment of drum mics alongside his top-of-the-range kit and cymbals of choice. See below for full details. 

Thanks to his dedication and knowledge of all things drum-related, Nick is also an experienced music journalist, having previously held the title of editor of Drummer magazine (2012-2014), where he conducted interviews with the biggest names in drumming as well as reviewed the freshest new gear available on the market and devised features aimed squarely at inspiring and educating the next generation of players.

Alongside his on-going gigging, recording and teaching work, Nick is also currently product demonstrator and online editor for new international website Drummer’s Review (www.drummersreview.com), where the freshest new gear available on the drumming market is reviewed in an unbiased, honest way. 

Performed / Recorded With…

Jimmy Osmond

The Osmond Brothers (Jimmy, Jay & Merrill)

Charlie Green

TM Stevens

Doug Wimbish

Marco Mendoza

Jeff Berlin

The Filthy Gorgeous


Emily Penny

Derek Nash

Bruce Adams

Alan Barnes

Lee Gibson

Craig Milverton

Martin Dale

Adam In The Hat

Swans In Flight

The Brubeck Project

Maggie Reeday

Graham Pinkney

Annie Noel

Annika Skoogh

Louise Parker

+ Many More…

Nick Proudly Plays…

Drums: Mapex

Armory Series:

22″x18″ bass drum

10″x7″ rack tom

12″x8″ rack tom

14″x12″ floor tom

16″x14″ floor tom


14″ x 6″ ‘Predator’ Copper Snare

14″ x 5″ ‘Dillinger’ Maple Snare

12″x5.5″ Black Panther maple snare

Falcon hardware & pedals

Cymbals: Paiste

Signature Precision series:

20″ ride

14″ Sound Edge hi-hats

16″ crash

17″ crash

18″ crash

8″ splash

10″ splash

12″ splash

18″ china

Heads: Evans

Bass Drum:

Batter: EMAD Heavyweight

Reso: EMAD Reso


Batter: G2 clear

Reso: G1 clear


Batter: Heavyweight

Reso: 300 snare side

Drum Mics: Mixture

Bass Drum:

Audix D6 (front) / AKG D112 (mounted internally)


Shure SM57 (top & bottom)

Rack Toms:

Audix D2

Floor Toms:

Audix D4

Hi-Hat / Ride:

AKG c430


AKG c214 (pair)


Shure 425 IEM’s

Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Monitor Mixer